For example, say I got the blind email subject line “Cut Off” (one of our best performing promo email subject lines last year). They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness. The Lesson: Create a sense of urgency with your subject line. Whether you’ve put off sending your Christmas email to the last minute, or have a last minute email scheduled targeting procrastinators, create a sense of urgency with these subject lines. It's best to keep it brief, show your gratitude, share your contact information, and move on. This is an incredible company, and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it for these past seven years. Sending it any earlier could cause you to become distracted from finishing your job and tying up loose ends. Check out his entire article on the Huffington Post here – it contains 450 subject lines from email appeals in 2015. 3 bonus tips to improve your email subject lines You got the email open benchmark, and the above email subject line formulas and examples will no doubt help you to improve your open rates. Studying the art of the subject line might be a good New Year’s Resolution for you! If you're struggling to find the perfect words, use these tips (and examples) to help you get started. Your farewell email subject line should be straightforward and fairly obvious. After-Christmas Subject Lines. It's been a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate everything I've learned under your leadership. Best Subject Line Award goes to Oxfam America Ambassador Aziz Ansari for his “Bad fruitcake news, Steve” message. Our review will help you with tips on the design, structure and content of your resume. We’ll get you a detailed analysis of your resume within 48 hours. Experian analyzed subject lines with symbols, and found they had a 56% higher unique open rate. Tell people that you’ll unsubscribe them unless they respond to this email. Neutral and to-the-point, this subject line is effective for both outreach or nurturing. It may look different depending on who you're sending your email to, but here are a few examples: Your email should take on an overall positive tone. You are invited. Last call for clean water Digital Marketer: “ [URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this…”. Even so, you can still send them a goodbye email. Provide a deadline and remind people of the limited time left, or rely on “fear of missing out,” or FOMO. Thank you again for giving me this incredible opportunity these past three years, and I look forward to seeing what ABC Startup accomplishes next. Perfect combination of humor, personalization, and attitude that we’ve come to expect from this holiday campaign. have seen higher email open rates. If you wore suits, shook hands, and worked in a more corporate environment, you'll likely write a more formal farewell. Writing a Professional Resignation Letter, 10 Perfect Gifts for the Work-From-Home Professional in Your Life. Consider the following “formulas” for some situational subject lines that can really amp up your event subject lines. First of all, I’m assuming at this point your recipients will recognize you from your “From Label.” Say positive and show gratitude. Again, this will depend on your relationship with your CEO as well as the company's culture, but here's an example of something you might send: As you know, today is my last day with ABC Startup, and I have to say this is an incredibly bittersweet day. All the Nonprofit Email Subject Lines Here are all the fundraising email subject lines beginning with those received on December 31, 2015 and moving backwards in time to December 1, 2015: Tax deductible gift for 2015 -- last chance It's been a blast collaborating with you on so many projects. If you're in a client-facing role or work with people outside your company, don't forget to send them an email. Because today is my last day with ABC Collective, I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed my time here. Here are some great sample subject lines for emails that use the fear of missing out …. This doesn't need to particularly formal or include all the nitty-gritty details of your departure. I’m grateful for Steve MacLaughlin (the very smart author of Data Driven Nonprofits, which you should read!) Here are the top 5 email subject lines with the word ‘fall’: #1 Fall email subject line: “[Brand Name] colour for Fall” Open rate: 53.1%; Click rate: 4% #2 Fall email subject line: … Let’s talk about pick-up lines for a minute. If there's anything I can do to assist with this transition in the next two days, don't hesitate to reach out. I love your tenacity, your willingness to jump right in, and your ability to think outside the box. Welcome to the 8th annual installment of DigitalMarketer’s 101 Best Email Subject Lines! Leave a positive, lasting impression by writing a thoughtful goodbye email to your co-workers. Even if you're thrilled to be moving on, it's important to walk out the door on good terms. Before I leave, I want to let you all know how much I've enjoyed my time working for ABC Collective. I want to let you know how much I've enjoyed working with you these past two years, and it's been a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for all your support, and please keep in touch. Urgency Subject Lines. Just be sure it fits with your organization’s brand and image! This is an essential part of the “effective” in “catchy and effective subject lines”. Remember to conduct A/B testing to find out what types of retail email subject lines work best for you. Remember, as much as 10% of your ENTIRE ANNUAL giving will be coming in the last 3 days of the year. Dropps: Get 15% off, but move quick. 4. Feel free to reach out at or find me on LinkedIn. President Obama's subject line of "Hey" immediately broke the polarizing barriers that politicians typically face with a down-to-earth subject line … Writing the perfect farewell email subject line is never as easy as it seems, but it's really important you get it right. And don’t forget to schedule them between 11am-2pm. Last Chance For Guaranteed Delivery Before Christmas! My personal email is, and you can find me on LinkedIn at Countdown for our children Last day to help birds 3x as much The subject line along with your preheader text compete with hundreds of other emails in your subscriber's inbox. (M&Ms) We’re THIS close! Email subject line must be attractive and eye-catching. It’s getting your email opened by your wonderful donor. Best Expectation Management: Environmental Defense Fund for their email series that told me exactly how many messages were on the way (e.g. JetBlue: “You’re missing out on points.”. Feel free to reach out at or 111-222-3333 at any time. for his annual compilation of last minute email subject lines. Don’t be repetitive. Last-Minute Subject Lines. Circling back on the Arctic This might sound simple at first — a quick  “so long and farewell” — but it's easy to overthink it. When we break down the subject lines into ‘fall’ and ‘autumn,’ we get different results. "Last chance" A subject line like this gives your readers a sense of urgency. This is definitely bittersweet. Here are the best of the best from 2015! Leave a comment and tell me which ones are YOUR favorites! Although you could potentially tell your boss or manager goodbye in the same email you send your direct team, you can also send them a separate one, especially if you worked closely together. 36. Free shipping ends tonight; Mango: LAST FEW HOURS to enjoy 30% off the entire collection! Steve McLaughlin, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Blackbaud says that a strategically located symbol – like this black heart – can increase your open rate. They may also connect you with new opportunities down the road — just make sure to return the favor in the future. Get inspired by these 20 holiday email subject lines from real, recognizable brands: Instacart: Check-off your holiday shopping list with Instacart gift cards; Toms: Your holiday style guide | 35% off ends tonight; Francesca’s: Last Chance To Get It Under The for 50% off! You can also share your phone number if you'd like. [Event Name] is almost sold out. When subject lines are left until the last minute, quality can suffer. Can You Make It By Midnight? ), his entire article on the Huffington Post here, Get Capital Campaign Coaching and Training, Fundraising Retreats and Workshops for your Board. You don’t want that. Unsubscribe. Wow, Steve, there’s a last-minute match You'll likely want to do this shortly after you put your notice in with the company — but once you've figured out what the transition will look like. UNIQLO: TICK TOCK! Procrastinators Unite 5: Too cool for a subject line . Initially, writing a goodbye email to co-workers might seem straightforward enough, but it's important to find the right words and leave on a positive note. I'm excited about my next move, but I will greatly miss working with each of you. Going beyond generic, often-used last chance subject lines such as “last day,” or “hours left,” L’Occitane stands head and shoulders above their competitors with their intriguing subject, “Your Final Notice: $10, $20, or $30 OFF?” That’s what you want to play on at the very end of the year. Include a deadline or phrases like “for a limited time” or “last chance” to signal to your reader that this offer isn’t going to last forever. Although our time together is ending, I hope to keep in touch. Last chance to get {offer} – {time} to go! Time to be bold Every time your company sends an email to a subscriber, you should be using great subject lines (sort of like pick up lines) to get the attention of a person you never personally met. Especially here during the last busy days of the year? Holiday season means gift shopping season. Long email subject lines are not only cumbersome and annoying, but they also may lead readers to think that the content of your email will be the same. However, it’s a vital component of your email. why I’m emailing you Saying goodbye is never easy. One of the main reasons for sending a goodbye email to colleagues is to give them your contact information. You've submitted your notice, and the company has made an announcement about your departure — so why do you need to send a goodbye email? Today is the last day Keep things short, sweet, and informative. If you worked in a more laid-back collaborative office setting, feel free to take on that tone in your goodbye email. Best Innovation in Graphics: This one goes to Lifeline Children’s Services for showing a giving pyramid inside the email noting how many gifts of each level they had received and still needed to get. They need to click open and act now if they want to take advantage of it. Promotional Subject Lines. Many nonprofits take advantage of the collective campaign around Giving Tuesday to drive donations. 4. Studying the art of the subject line might be a good New Year’s Resolution for you! Here's an example: As you all have heard, my last day with the company is tomorrow, May 2. Don't waste your time Googling. Nope. If they've played a pivotal role in your time at the company, it's worth sending them a goodbye email, too. Thank You This list of 118 email appeal subject lines came from a variety of nonprofits last year for Giving Tuesday. Last chance to renew in 2015! Email invitation subject line examples: Last chance to see [Speaker/Performer] live at [Event Name]! Get your tickets now! Each word in your subject can either turn off readers or make them eager to read. Here's an example of something you might write to your close team or direct reports in a more casual setting: As you know, my time with ABC Collective winds down in a couple days. On your last day, you might want to send an email out to your company, depending on its size and how closely you worked with colleagues across departments. So, after you've given your two-weeks' notice, it's time to start thinking about writing goodbye emails to your co-workers, managers, and clients. How Long Should I Stay at a Job Before Quitting? I will never forget how much fun we had brainstorming at the local brewery, and Fridays won't be the same without our team lunches at Lemongrass. I've grown so much as not only a person but also a designer, and I largely attribute that to the positive culture you've established as well as your support in my continued professional development. Check out this list of words from Mailchimp that nonprofits often use that actually REDUCE open rates! Ending any relationship is never easy, especially when you're leaving a job. That's enough, right? Sadly, there were a lot more mobile unfriendly emails than those that work well on a mobile device. Your farewell email to your immediate team or direct reports will largely depend on what type of relationship you have with them. Tips and Ideas for a Stylish and Stress-free Thanksgiving (BED BATH & BEYOND) Celebrate Free Shipping Day Early! Best Looking Emails: This is a tie between the Museum of Modern Art and charity: water for showing that you can still design beautiful emails despite all the constraints.