Hey, you are right! This is a result of the break down of the rubber gasket or hard water deposits, so you may want to don some rubber gloves. Use a soapy scrub sponge to clean any mildew or rust stains off the porcelain around the handle hole. Then they opened their doors or window and threw out the sludge yelling, “gardyloo” loosely translated as “watch out for the water!” How thoughtful of them. Once the screws have been removed, each side of the knob should slide apart and be removed from the door. Nice answer back in return of this matter with Yes, you can do this, no need to hire a plumber. I live to break stereotypes and empower you to take on your own DIY project. I looked under the tank hood (lid) years ago and thought, whew this will be expensive to replace because it appears everything is self contained. solid arguments and describing the whole thing concerning that. Thanks. Remove the old flush lever and replace it with the new one. Flush the toilet to empty the tank. Carefully pry it off with a flathead screwdriver. The gasket is a rubber ring that sits behind the nut and helps to seal the handle from leaks. Once you locate the nut, unscrew it. Today, I have Part 1 in a 3 Part Series on Toilet Repairs! However, since the screws that hold a door lever handle in place are usually hidden, there are a few tricks as far as how to remove it … Thanks for the post. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing an entire tank repair kit and replace all the parts at once. I like the smell of coffee and sawdust in the morning. First, for anyone concerned about putting their hands in “crap water”, let me reassure you that all the repairs I am going to show you are in the tank and the tank holds clean water that is then used to flush the toilet. How to Make a Toilet Tank Lever More Snug. An old toilet tank lever … Toilet Repairs – Part 1 – Replace the Lever. Go now and hug your porcelain bowls. Remove the tank lid and set it aside in a safe place. Replace the tank lid and test it again making sure that the flush lever rod doesn’t hit the top of the tank lid before lifting the flapper. Slide the nut back over the arm and hand-turn it onto the handle base — again, remembering that it’s likely a left-handed thread. Turn the water back on and let the tank fill. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Home repair expert Henry Harrison shows how to remove and replace a toilet. Most toilet handles thread backward; turn the nut clockwise to loosen it. Use two hands, as it can be heavy. Once it flushes properly, you are done! Before securing the new handle, use a soapy sponge or scrubber to clean off any rust or mildew that’s built up on the porcelain around the handle hole. Step 2: Remove the Toilet Lid "Step 3: Detach the Lift Chain "Step 4: Remove the Handle Mounting Nut "Step 5: Remove the Old Handle "Step 6: Insert the New Handle "Step 7: Fasten the New Handle " Thank you! Remove the nut from the new handle, and insert the arm into the hole. A lever door handle is used in place of a traditional doorknob on many modern locksets. To remove the existing toilet flush lever, you will need to be able to access the toilet tank. Majority of the toilet problems are due to a defective toilet tank lever. That isn’t to say that the tank won’t have mineral deposits or black residue in it. Pull off the mounting nut and O-ring from the new handle. Ready? Etc. I got my stats from the epa website: http://www.epa.gov/WaterSense/pubs/fixleak.html A DIY Blog Empowering You to Complete Your Own Project. This is the bit that connects the handle to the other parts inside the cistern. How to Install a Universal Toilet Tank Lever. Using your pliers, gently loosen the nut and then remove the lock nut by hand. Remove the toilet tank cover. Today we will get your feet wet (no pun intended) by replacing the handle also known as the flush lever. Thanks for the info. Mop out the remaining water from the tank and the bowl with a large sponge. Stay tuned as I show you how to replace the fill valve and finally how to replace the overflow tube and flapper assembly! These handles are available in a variety of styles and finishes to complement different decorating styles. You’ll need an adjustable wrench or tongue & groove pliers. 5 Remove the old flush handle and throw away. And then there are projects that we do right away because life happens! Remove the flapper chain from the end of the rod attached to the lever. STEP 1 – life the toilet tank cover and set it aside (tip: move it far away from the work area; any accidental tool dropping will break it!! Hold the handle in your non-dominant hand and remove the gasket and shank nut from the back of the handle. How to Tighten a Toilet Handle. The nut and assembly connected to the toilet handle is corroded and stuck to the inside of the toilet tank. Step 3 - Remove the Lid Remove the lid of the toilet tank to start removing the faulty lever. The nut is typically reverse-threaded. From a functional point of view there are two common styles of toilet tank levers. Follow up with removing the screws securing the latch along the edge of the door. How to Fix or Replace a Toilet Handle / Flush Lever - YouTube But, people would still slip and fall in the muck coated walkways. Gently tighten the lock nut, but not too much. A front mount or a side mount. All It’s a pain, but it can be done if you don’t have a replacement lever yet. 6 nsert the new flush handle and replace the nut on the handle inside the cistern. The Toilet Handle Fix… How To Replace or Tighten. Fix Your Broken Toilet Handle. Close the toilet seat cover. Then I will show you how to replace the fill valve and finally how to replace the overflow tube and flapper assembly. I’ve tried liquid wrench, and tapped the nut and assembly gently with a hammer, but the nut remains stubbornly “welded†to the inside tank wall. Turn off the water shut-off valve for your toilet and press the lever … Adjust the chain so there is a slight amount of slack in the chain. Good plumbing is a key element in a home and sufficient flushing will help keep toilets and bathrooms clean. If your toilet handle is loose, or if you want to replace it for aesthetic reasons, or if it clear breaks off, here’s what you do: Remove the metal nut from the new handle, insert the arm into the hole in the toilet, slide the nut back over the arm, and use your fingers to turn the nut onto the handle’s base. Before starting to replace the handle of a toilet, it helps to know its function.The entire flushing process begins with the handle. In order for you to easily fix your toilet problem with only a fraction of your total expense if you were to call a handyman to repair it for you, follow the step-by-step guide listed below. As toilets are very important devices in the homes, it should be given immediate attention if it needs repair. Thank goodness the toilet was invented! This is the old plastic spud that broke off from the handle. actually over 300 tons of water. To do this, lift off the top cover of the toilet tank. Hi, I'm Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl. That is a TON of water. Pretty Handy Girl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.