Yorkshire League Champions

2002/2003,2003/2004,2004/ 2005,2011/2012

Mens Feathers Sheffield


Womens Feathers Sheffield


Combined Feathers Sheffield


National Cup

2008 - Runners Up
2009 - Fourth
2010 - Runners Up


1935 Brunswick Badminton Club formed.
1935–1962 St Mark’s Hall/ later called St. Sila’s Church, Broomspring Lane
1955 Ranmoor Hall
1960 Brunswick First Entered a Yorkshire League Team into Division 4
1962-1966 Norton Church Hall Rectory
1964-1966 St Andrew’s Methodist Church Hall, Oak Street, Heeley
1964 Eckington TA Drill Hall for Yorkshire League matches
1966 Rowlinson Technical School
1967 Messrs George Basset and Co Ltd, Owlerton
1968 Abbeydale Grammar Girls School
1968/69 Played all Yorkshire League Matches away because the club lost its Yorkshire League two court venue
1976–2004 Firth Park School , Sheffield Hallam University, Broomgrove Road, for Yorkshire League Matches
1988-1998 Pinegrove Country Club for Yorkshire League Matches
 1998- Abbeydale Sports Club for Yorkshire League Matches
March 2004 Sheffield Institute of Sport