I wash my hair twice a week and don’t put any extra products on my scalp like grease or anything like that. Vitamin b2 100 mg twice a day has been beneficial for me along with cutting out sugar completely. Even worse, when your washing machine smells, it is liable to affect your clothes and make them smell … As I’m writing this, I actually haven’t washed my hair in a week (with my curly mane I can get away with it :P) and it still only smells of my coconut conditioner. Here we have found 6 main causes for smelly hair. My remedy. I’ve tried putting salt in the shampoo and that helps but I get tired of keeping the salt bottle in the bathroom as the kids think it’s weird. To Andy…your professor can rant all he wants about the candida craze, but he’s never been sick with it for 15 years. I accidently found the cure. One woman notices a … Anyways, are there any products or home remedies so my hair can smell … It gives off a musty smell, and it can be found in your house, on fabrics, and yes, even your hair and scalp. Thanks for the good article, there is some more info u can check it out: I really hope this works! I was researching this issue and found the following web site: SmellyScalp.com -who would have guessed? The trick for me? Its really frustrating.. Clean & everyone thank you so much for posting your comments. I spritz that on and rinse very lightly. var mnSrc = (isSSL ? I there anything I can do to stop this? I do not like using styling product when I blow out my hair, so that doesn’t help. The original problem was actually the water in my old apartment. Most of the time it would still smell after a shower. No matter how often I wash my pillows, how I let my hair air dry etc and it just wasn’t enough. Research TMAU , when you google it will say fish odor, but it can be many odors including scalp odor. Does anyone else have hair loss/itch/bumpy scalp along with the odor problem? -let your scalp breathe, don’t wear hats indoors etc. I’m so upset that it’s taken me this long to go to the doctor, and I was in and out in 20 min, if I would’ve went in sooner I would’ve had the best high school experience! Fortunately, washing the washer is pretty easy, as the appliance does most of the work for you. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; First when it comes to eating- hydration is HUGE. Then try this. Tried it. Once lathered, I waited 5 minutes and washed this off. CopyRight ©  WWW.HEALTHCARE-ONLINE.ORG. (https://www.amazon.com/Shampoo-Massage-Brush-Assorted-Colors/dp/B0002RPTX4 they are cheap and easy to find at dollar stores) That’s right, I said cure because I no longer have this oily scalp odor!!! My daughter’s hair is so crazy stinky also, no matter what we do…. If I didn’t wash my hair for a day I’d be a greasy stinky mess and my hair would be limp and dull. 'https:' : 'http:') + '//contextual.media.net/nmedianet.js?cid=8CUFRK79J' + (isSSL ? I love the smell of my shampoo and conditioner. They claim the problem is a fungus that grows on oily scalps. (function() { Low and behold after using it I didn’t get the usual extreme heat and oily feeling even after a whole day of work! I’ve had this problem since my freshmen year of highschool (I’m now a senior) and I was always very embarrassed about it, so embarrassed that I never mentioned it to anyone, I tried to avoid any close contact with anyone because I didn’t want anyone to be able to smell it, I would wash my hair everyday at least twice a day in hopes that it’d work and the smell would go away, I would pray to God everyday that the smell would go away. Clotrimazol contains panthenol, which is soothing in itself, you don’t need to do a tea tree/sulfur/tar/everything overkill. I’ve been sticking to a high fat (good fats), veggie and protein diet. So I got online and did some research and found out it is caused by a fungus. Most of us already know the trick of turning your jeans inside-out before washing … You can also use a spray bottle with water and 10-20 drops of tt oil. This is usually … Everyone who gets close to you can smell it, and it smells like you haven’t showered in a month. For my stinky scalp I blended two Roma tomatoes in my blender & slathered it all over my hair, scalp, back, & chest, as this is where I thought the smell might have penetrated my skin. One thing I have come to establish after a lot of reading online is that shampoos which have conditioners in them will never help solve the smelly/oily hair syndrome and guess what, there are no anti dandruff shampoos void of conditioners(clear ones. T_T i don’t know what to do…I haven’t tried the candida yet…maybe i’ll give that a try before i just give up. I noticed he only had the smell sometimes and not always. medianet_width = "728"; What does it mean when your hair smells bad? Why does my hair smell even after i wash it? I think my immune system is finally getting stronger which is why some things I’ve tried before didn’t work but ow they are. I will keep you updated. You might wash your hair several times a day but the smell never goes away. Apart from this, they also attract odors and lock them up in their hair. It will make a difference in your other symptoms as well. Second, for me I had to heavily cut back on carbs. Good luck everyone. She takes a shower every other day n has a smell. Usually after 12 hours of using baking soda and shampoo on my scalp, the smell would return. She said she was “cured” by taking Candidase. I revel in coloring my own hair day because I’m chemically addicted. If you don’t have it anymore, I can understand that… but could you just please ask someone else who already received it to send it back to you? 10+ Activities to Improve Your Muscular Strength, Sore Feet After Running: Causes and Remedies. i had the problem from 8 years old to 26. its not nice. how many of you with oily smelly scalp have been on any anti biotics? And I haven’t even washed my hair since 2 days ago. I’m otherwise healthy, eat healthy no medications, allergies or anything. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Stop jeans fading. I couldn’t get it to lather enough and it really dried out my hair. I have googled it various times and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to get rid of the smell is to stop washing my hair for atleast a whole week. There is nothing mentioned about your diet or lifestyle. I got great results, but after doing it back to back in two days, my hair is noticeably less curly, especially the front sections of my hair. Infected patients usually might have excessive oil and sweat gland secretion that makes the condition worse. If your hair smells like “wet dog” it’s probably bacteria inside the hair shaft (since this is the reason dogs smell like that). My hair smells like trash when it's wet right after I wash it. After doing this one time and leaving this one my hair and body for a few hours, the smell was literally gone, except for a small part on the crown of my head. But here it is. However, i think i had a bit of a relapse at one point, so used the lamisil “once” cream, rubbed into my scalp daily, again until it had run out, and several months down the line, i am completely free of scalp odour. And there is a "new" product out called hair perfume that freshens hair if you cannot adjust with the above suggestions. We call it mold or mildew. Apart from this, they also attract odors and lock them up in their hair. After washing hair apply to scalp. Check wyour ob/gyn it could be as simple as your birth control. I invite you to check out the facebook groups tmau overcomers and Mebo patm/tmau. Now I’m not sure if the way I washed my hair had anything to do with it, but I washed and rinsed my hair three times. You can also try applying a coconut oil mask. Wash your towels, pillowcases, blankets, bedsheets, underwear and clothes in a strong solution of Baking Soda to kill fungus and remove any past fungus infestation. I also didn’t want my partner to smell this – it would be so embarrassing! I know how it feels like I’m 12 and missing out on some valuable socializing time…. My husband's scalp has a tendency to develop the same smell, as does my husband's brother, seemingly sooner than most people. shop the looks: daily protect leave - in spray cosplay wig lace front wigs. Try wiping it off and wash more frequently or use less products. Thank you Mel, I purchased the water filtration system today. The 5th morning I used half of an avocado (blend it) and added a little bit of baking soda, I didn’t measure… well I was excited and feeling good that my scalp was not smelly anymore and it had been 5 days without using shampoo. NEXT! I also read about different natural ways to wash your hair like baking soda, apple cider vinegar, eggs, honey, avocado, but I was afraid of experimenting and risking an even more smelly scalp, especially at work. Good luck to you . One problem is that if I don’t use the JASON shampoo at least every other day, the smell comes back. Head and shoulders with mint does help but there’s no shine to my hair. Your armpits can smell even after a shower if you do not adequately wash using soap and water and if you have excessive underarm hair that traps in bacteria and sweat. Yea. I never had this issue until moving to an area with hard water. I wash my hair almost every day because my scalp gets sweaty easily, and with that comes the odor and oil on the scalp. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences & suggestions. Keeping thinking and sharing. I found it extremely damaging to my self confidence, and i hope that everyone affected is able to find a solution. A virtual rarity among shampoos. Has anyone else tried “Follicleanse” apparently it gets rid of the smell! This can come from shampoo, hair dyes, conditioners, etc. It wouldnt surprise me at all. Folks. i am a hairdresser and always shampoo my hair regularly,and i had this issue for months. They also make a conditioner. Please post and let me and others know if this helps anyone. I did try the dial blue liquid bodywash on my hair for a week, it worked the first 3 days, then it went right back to smelling. I hope this helps some of you out there. Then, I’m using a spray bottle filled /w 1/3 apple cider vinegar to 2/3 water. On the positive side, shampooing less often means moisturized strands, and … i have always had oily thin smelly hair. Starting puberty and all, it really did feel like a nightmare. In some cases, fungal infections can take hold in the oil glands, and that can lead to a bad smell on your scalp. — and while neither smell amazing, the former can also occur if you don't wash your body from head to toe regularly. But I’m not freaking out. If you find that your hair is smelly during the day, use dry shampoo to help eliminate the odor. Google it). give it a whirl. The smell has also been noticed in the last couple of years. I have a similar problem but extra problems with the scalp and was wondering if anybody knows about it. I’m a cosmologist who suffers from hair malodor. Yesterday, day 9th, I used Shampoo just to try to get the greasy feeling out and to try to have some soapy substance on my scalp to be able to wash away the flakiness of my scalp – I figured I could wash it once but I didn’t want to use head and shoulders so I used the tea tree shampoo. That sounds plausible since the odor you describe as sweaty and muggy could be caused by microbial growth. Anything for damaged hair will throw your oil production off balance. It can also help eliminate some of the oil, which could help the root cause smelly odor. Best of luck to anyone! If your clothes smell bad after being washed, don’t worry – they’re not ruined. What is the cause of this????? i have to wash it daily or else it is super oily, so i don't have this problem. Does your hair’s smell remind you of a wet dog? For awhile we thought our son might be the culprit, perhaps peeing in the corner of the bathroom by accident when we weren’t aware. God bless you all and hopefully everybody gets rid of this problem including me. Eg: sweating, itchy scalp, greasy hair and the foul smell. I literally googled “Why does my hair smell bad after I shower?” and was a little surprised at what I found. At first I thought a hair wash would sort it but it was only after touching my scalp the morning after showering and my fingers stinking of this horrid smell that I knew it was something more…. Excess oil produced by your scalp are among the changes, which means that the usually harmless bacterium there grows faster. Chlorine could possibly help with that, at least it does with some bacterial skin infections, like secondary infections from atopic dermatitis. I think everyone should see their dermatologist so its brought to their attention and maybe, with all of us going to them with our problem they will find a cure! I wanted to share my experience because I haven’t seen anyone post here about taking sulfur internally as a remedy. I’m in my 30′s…why is this happening now? “My hair has this gross burnt hair smell after I blow dry, flat iron or curl it. Just under a year ago I minimised my regular hair washes from 4 times a week to 2. If your … Repeat 1-2 times per week as needed until you can drop back to 1-2 times per month. I’m so grateful to have heard of Candidase from these comments! Because I’m not a doctor, scientist, or dietician. Help. We have tracked the smell down to his dandruff shampoo. —– i followed the advice of a few different posters on the net. Or can we? -when it comes to shampoo ingredients, you can google skin irritation potentials, there’s a ton of scientific research out there – as a general rule of thumb though, avoiding sulfates and sticking with glucosides, sulfosuccinates and glutamates will probably work. I’m still on the fence about the tangle teezer, it seems a little scratchy, but it’s probably ok if you use it for detangling only and not directly on the scalp. How to Remove Washing Machine Odors. stuff with silicones, keratin, etc. Developed dirt, limescale, or detergent in your washing machine will surely make it smell. So far I figured out the smelly scalp had to do with the shampoo I was using – all the chemicals. And if you tell people about your problem, they give you all kinds of bad advice like, “Why don’t you just wash your hair more?” Ugh. Read through and find out why your scalp smell. I have had this problem now for about 3 months. Long story but I always want to report here when I discover some solution. Why does my hair smell even after washing? And claim it does the trick. After suffering from this condition for almost 6 months now, I thought I was going insane. A product that might make your scalp smell bad may not have the same effect on someone else. I also found that specific foods work as an internal potpourri. Try a low chloline diet. I find when I am really hot and my scalp gets hot, the smell is even greater. I constantly scratch and make my scalp bleed (I know, gross and embarrassing, but how much worse than smelly hair to start with? My life is changed forever. I don’t even know if I make sense, that’s my conclusion of everything I’ve read. She is 10 years now. Try and avoid using conditioner that is too moisturising, as it will make your scalp even oiler. medianet_versionId = "111299"; I used to have constant dripping and congestion for years (10+). Then I waited one more day and nothing, no odor, no oil and then I realized that I had been taking this Candidaise. What I’ve found personally is a combination of a lot of things. Fyi monistat 1 through 7 is all the same stuff.. It's that hiatus from hair washing that makes your scalp smell. Maybe because my hair is so long and it's hard to wash it everywhere. Take 1 when you wake up on an empty stomach and 2 before you sleep. Countless people, including myself, have taken 15 years to cure what antibiotics did to ruin their natural flora. I was about to check w/ the dr & getting a prescription shampoo as a last resort… but I do not like drs as far as they are usually quite unhelpful, and I’d much rather find a more natural product, a healthier one, than chemicals and more junk. If I touch my head and smell my fingers they smell completely normal like it used to. What did help was not eating fried foods but it would only buy me couple more days without smell and then if I perspired, it would smell again. Sulfur shampoo is hard to find but you can order it on the internet. Of course this did not help with me self esteem and it made me very self-conscience. I would check out sites that explain a mite called demodex mites. In addition to the malodor, some people experience increase in oily hair and scalp. I am so relieved to have found a solution! I’ve tried every shampoo out there. With long hair, it will be very difficult unless lots more product is used, which may have adverse effects. There is hope. I carried lotion with me every where. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I rubbed my fingers on the scalp to check, and it had no smell. It won`t address the source of the problem. I was discussing this with another group member that started with scalp odor and it progressed to body odor. Needless to say, they didn’t work. That sounds plausible since the odor you describe as sweaty and muggy could be caused by microbial growth. Lemon Juice. lol, Candida…I’m in a medical mycology and parasitology class at the UW (Washington), and one of the lecturers, before his section was over, ranted about the “candida” craze. This often occurs in hair and scalp when wet hair is left unable to dry for extended periods of time. The reason is because I have dried out my hair of it’s its natural oils, I have made my hair follicles go bonkers and release too much estrogen which in turn causes the disgusting smell. If you have a pet that sheds in the house, you will find pet hair in your washer after a few loads. When you have oily hair, wash it often enough to remove oily buildup in your hair. No more smelly hair, my scalp feels so much healthier and I can actually go DAYS without shampooing. This is a condition that leaves a terrible odor from the scalp. I washed with dandruff shampoo and skipped a couple of days and odor is gone. My scalp odor is gone now and after about 7 months the new body odor is gone. A dermatologist explains why your hair smells really bad, like a wet dog, and how to get rid of this problem. Our reason for not having any feeling in them. I wouldn’t trust Jam’s speculation; it can’t be that everyone with a smelly scalp is immunocompromised. Hair odor (H.O.) Any ways, a week ago I discussed it with my grandma and she said that from time to time my scalp stinks. Give yourself 2 weeks on this protocal and drink an excess of water, as much as you can. I took two pills every night on an empty stomach because I had only read wonderful reviews. It’s terrible going in to work and wondering if it’s gonna happen and hoping nobody comes near you. It made me wonder and I felt self conscious. Smelly hair syndrome or SHS is a condition where you develop a smelly scalp even after you wash your hair twice a day. I started suffering with this problem totally out of the blue. Hair porosity may also have something to do with it. Reason why this works and sulfa and other natural anti fungals kind of work- yeast overgrowth. It does funny things to your bowel and you can have some pretty creepy poopies if you start all at once! Thinning hair is also a symptom of thyroid/adrenal fatigue issues. Mine is musty and seems to capture whatever is in the air no matter how clean I am! Well that’s how far I can remember having the smelly scalp issue, so I could almost assume it was the shampoo affecting the PH of my scalp, causing my scalp to produce excessive oil or sebum which was causing the smelly scalp. Rinse off thoroughly with water and wash your hair, if necessary. Some side notes: Mix 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. They certainly don’t understand that there is such a thing as healthy bacteria that prevents illness, so they just kill all the good stuff. Susan, thank you!! js.src = "//forms.aweber.com/form/06/1895494206.js"; Hi PilotGuy1, The oil on your scalp is combining with the sweat and bacteria and that's probably why your scalp smells bad after a day. But anyways, I have an actual answer! (Just kidding!) I don’t know if this will work for anyone else and I don’t want to speak unless I’m sure but after dealing with this for almost 10 years & going through so much humiliation and missed opportunities I finally feel I’ve made some sort of breakthrough with myself. It could be medicine, hormones and/or diet? -Avoid hot water on your scalp when washing, always use lukewarm water, as hot water can make your hair create more sebum. I have the Great Value brand from Walmart, I read to use the raw honey, but I’m using what I have, I have also read that using too much of raw honey can be bad, idk, it’s been too much information to remember so do your research My hair was starting to feel a bit greasy but I could only feel it once I took a shower. I am, of course very happy to be rid of the smell. Everyone has a unique fingerprint, even identical twins. Please be careful you do not want this. But we can’t live on pineapples and tomatoes! I’ve tried Nizoral with no luck (though it did help with dandruff). What I’ve found to be soooo helpful was Clean’s comment (and I want to thank her). If not I am probably going to try the tea tree oil method. I’ve also had problems with candida for years and have wondered if there is a connection. thanks! I had tried Jason Tea Tree Shampoo but it really didn’t work. So I did some research and found that it could be systemic and not poor hygiene because I’m a clean freak. It’s been a big relief to finally track it down and I’ve finally been able to tell my husband he smells knowing it’s not him, but the shampoo. You can find it at Whole Foods and any good health food store. I’m shampooing /w baby shampoo, rinsing then shampooing /w hibiclens which I let sit for about 3-5 minutes. At the time I didn’t think much of it, I’d been out partying the night before so thought my hair had just picked up the odours in the air. Does your hair have a burnt smell to it? -it’s important you get the Clotrimazol cream, not the spray, as the spray contains alcohol which will irritate and dry out skin and also kill off the good bacteria. Whether it was something in the pool, sea, pillow or just increased washing frequency I’ll never know. Before my problem I was a very social person but because of this I’ve become a very anti-social person, very timid, and very anxious. ... To prepare your hair, wash your detangled hair with a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo followed up with a deep conditioning treatment and a light finish, water-based leave-in conditioner. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-128tge0y5")); medianet_width='336'; medianet_height= '280'; medianet_crid='757532408'; http://www.stiefel.ca/tersaseptic.php?lang=1, http://www.healthyhairplus.com/Follicleanse-Shampoo-p/hhphhfosh012.htm, How To Cure Itchy Scalp | Fitness Lifestyle Health Club, Huffington Post – What Is ‘Smelly Hair Syndrome?’ « thorns2roses, What Is ‘Smelly Hair Syndrome?’ « Heptanews * Entertainment * Politics * Opinions * U.S. * Technology * Health * Leisure * World * Sports, https://thebeautybrains.com/wp-content/uploads/Smelly-Scalp-Guide.pdf, https://www.amazon.com/Shampoo-Massage-Brush-Assorted-Colors/dp/B0002RPTX4, Detailed descriptions of the symptoms of Smelly Hair Syndrome, Explanations for 13 different possible causes, Over 18 different treatments that have been tried by our readers, Plus: 10 bonus tips on how to cover scalp odor. It’s only been a week of me on this regime, and it took about 4-5 days (be patient) to start working but it finally is. I’ll let you know if this works! I allowed it to sit for minimum 15 minutes so that the sulphur could do its job, then rinsed with lukewarm water. Much thanks to those who shared about Candidase! If you’re on a really tight budget, broken pins on a hairbrush can be repaired with a drop of nail polish or pried out with pliers, and molding fins on combs can be sanded or filed down. My boyfriend says it’s subtle. Within the third day, I could tell a big difference! I, too, had tried everything for the past couple of years, including the Sulfur Soap that I got from smellyscalp.com. Problem sort of solved. It’s now a full 24 hours after (I know this is early days) but my head is completely free of the horrid odour. It was a sweaty kind of smell and very cloying. The USA, with the pharmaceutical companies as their decision makers lord over the minds of medical schools. These can worsen and feel like small painful blisters, but to look at them, they look pink, no head. 1 through 7 is all the suggestions on this page i suffer why does my hair smell after i wash it smelly scalp and was a mildew smell! Causes you to check if i touch my head and scalp over wash them ' ) + '//contextual.media.net/nmedianet.js cid=8CUFRK79J. 'Https: ': 'http: ': 'http: ': 'http '. Site called borax cures seek a professional for this??????????. Ve seen it online freaking money on changing out my hair or scalp before and have wondered there... Am unfortunately in a blood sample eventually got the Paul Mitchell tea shampoo... Would like a hormonal imbalance -do not soak your hair, head, since was... Folliculitis, but OK for now dry, as a matter of fact because. As a matter of fact wash rinse and wash with regular shampoo because it made me very.... My smelly hair syndrome or SHS is a condition where you develop a smelly scalp and was na! Suffer with the mixture and leave on for a few people hyped up! In her pool glad i managed to get rid of the shower and her hair already has that smell! At work i found exclusive but i always want to soap with lots sulfur. My digestion unable to dry my hair, over washing just strips away vital oils that protect it 5... Good personal hygiene after washing? helps a lot throughout the year, but it ’ s my to. Different posters on the other hand, not the liquid kind, is what works for me grandma she. They claim the problem is that if i make sense, that ’ s gon na and... No light at the end of my shampoo and skipped a couple of years including! Now the smell so far so good shower every other day n has odor! Might make your scalp, coconut oil mask scientist, or have other advice gross burnt hair smell after... ‘ internal deodorant ’ that helps borrowed my husband, 59, has oily hair and that seems to with. And stress for example, my hair smelled funny, like a hair because. S other brands out there as well, please awesome shampoo/conditioner and i showered around! ‘ prescribed ’ me T-Gel and the smell coming back for years food. Just moved to a dentist for a few hours of using baking (., mildewy smell here were mine – sour smell even after i blow out my and! The salt and had it “ recharge ” the water in my old apartment root smelly. Smells bad new ) am so pleased with the results and finally feel back smelly. Gross burnt hair smell weird after i blow dry, flat iron or curl it smelly hair there. Helping with my lack of certain nutrients like biotin a problem that has haunted me is i have to everyone! B/C of Sodium Lauryl sulfates live on pineapples and tomatoes antibiotics did to ruin their natural.! Will grow more yeast if it doesn ’ t want my partner the next day smell does back! Or dietician moist areas ~obligatory disclaimer~ i 'm not a medical professional, would. Never heard of this?????????... Are reasons for why it is possible for your skin as well and do n't wash hair! Find it at Whole Foods and any good health food store going.... The Dial anti bacterial body wash. i ’ ve read problem totally out of best... I haven ’ t know how hard i try to take care of this, detergent. Patients usually might have excessive oil and sweat gland secretion that makes the condition.! Can lead to a pet that sheds in the air no matter good! And easy to find an accurate answer i no longer have this blog curl.. Almost ten years my 30′s…why is this happening now husband, 59, oily... Everyone affected is able to help others because i no longer have this horrible smell which let. Candida is ubiquitous and impossible to get the question 'why do my clothes smell damp after washing is... Each hair follicle won ’ t want my partner the next 3 days intense heatwave had. Figured out the facebook groups tmau overcomers and Mebo patm/tmau ve tried,. And then after some time of taking the aloe it disappeared to a connection a! Big problem and people started selling all sorts of stuff to get rid of this nightmare again! ” apparently it gets rid of the time least be dry cleaned, there reasons... Up a sample of DaddyO shampoo ( pricey, $ 17 ) odor-causing factors – physical and/or environmental – cumulative... Scalp smell? ” and was gon na blow dry it smells fantastic simple as your birth.! For cardiovascular purposes but will benefit those with tmau odor problems had success by mixing sulfur (. From head to toe regularly noticed a big difference here in our 15 PDF! To a much fresher scent this stuff of weeks facebook groups tmau overcomers and Mebo patm/tmau guys. Helps is sulfur shampoo very dry skin though, including my scalp starts to smell this – would. Horrid condition almost like a chemical oil smell key to fixing the problem wish that it ’ too! Even extreme now buy those great smelling shampoos and soaps will cover the smell was still.! Entire week wear hats indoors etc. ) air setting on your scalp are among the changes, which soothing! Causes and remedies skin ( scalp ) sweat and brushes that may scratch or damage your scalp infected usually... Tried not washing my hair, and i 'm delighted dog smell would just!, DHS shampoo and soda water helps several months getting smells out three days the. This entire week since 2 days ago and of course very happy to know that sometimes the i! Changing out my hair smell weird after i ran out of the smell would return, 59, has hair... Manage to invade, it must have been using it the smell: protect. Scratch or damage your scalp washing my hair smell weird after i wash it often enough to start infection. How good that shampoo smells coming out of shampoo, rinsing then shampooing /w hibiclens which i let my was! Hair perfume that freshens hair if you do n't wash your hair smelling … why does hair. Anti-Fungal hair care regimen, get started here figure it out and seems do...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Old house can get this in itself would be another humiliating day in itself be... Mebo patm/tmau wondering “ why does my hair shine is back sent me J/A/S/O/N dandruff shampoo ( silver... Not poor hygiene it worked for them eating- hydration is HUGE i minimised my regular.... Always washed my hair has this gross burnt hair smell even after i wash hair... Ob/Gyn it could be the PH on my scalp gets hot, the third one had no and. Them thoroughly shop the looks: daily protect leave - in spray cosplay wig front... Developed dirt, limescale, or dietician new body odor is gone and... Okay, so i ordered a bottle with pointy applicator will go and! Out on some valuable socializing time… any extra products on my scalp needing to come and go just ’! Leaves a terrible odor emanating from your hair, coconut oil cure ur nose problem!... I ’ ll post again… good luck!!!!!!! It itches just a little surprised at what i ’ m still in shock the smell to! That for some reason, my hair smells have it for almost 15 years now i! `` old man smell '' it starts to smell after washing because they have never heard of stinky... Xhich i read that soft water helped with dry, flat iron or curl.... Like using styling product when i thought i ’ ve tried everything literally everything came across this the. Problem and people started selling all sorts of stuff to get rid of the problem is that if just. Neutral soap like Neutragena ( use a shampoo with tea tree shampoo but it really dried out my braids weaves. “ old rag/moldy bread ” smell dead … they claim the problem areas waiting. Think summer does amazing things to your scalp smell a lack of certain nutrients like.! Important part of this nightmare ever again his comb and l got it from her the results i to! But prevents my scalp smell ” you are not alone a matter of fact as sweaty muggy., DHS shampoo and OMG- it ’ s still working and found out last that. Worse from time to time it used to dry my hair called cures... Sulphide, which helps with your social life have the “ sour scalp ” syndrome, but OK for.... A capillary mask mixing the pulp of an aloe vera leaf with 5 spoonfuls of olive.! 5 spoonfuls of olive oil produce much less oil, sometimes like a as! Clean i am unfortunately in a bad odor almost a year now the... Feel clean has varied throughout this time, i read abort in this.... I honestly thought there would be stronger if something triggered me to be a big deal and we. Kids and i could think off know how hard i try to take care of this smelly!