Bred at Louisiana State University, this vigorous tree has an upright growth habit. Cold resistant and a good pot plant. My husband and I planted the trees according to Stark Bros.'s instructions, and lo and behold, they are already producing! Awesome thread on an awesome fig. The open fig is a day or so past ripe. It ripens in Early September here in Zone 6. Champagne - Medium sized fig developed at LSU which is very sweet and a mild flavor, smooth texture, minimal seed crunch. LSU Champagne Giveaway. Like said above, a lot of confusion. Whatever Bill's is, it looks good! Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Alma, ummm makes me wonder if my so called LSU Champagne/Golden Celeste/Alma came from another vendor I bought some 8 years ago. The LSU purple fig is a medium sized fig with a fresh flavor that is agreeable and satisfying to taste. I do not have Alma (tried to root some free sick cuttings once). Thank you for chasing this down for me Cliff and figsters. Figs are one of the most interesting fruits you can grow LSU has played a critical role in the breeding and development of many cultivars that you can find at nurseries and garden centers. "round with a pinkish eye"? The eye is partially closed on mature fruit. And for good reason! Good for colder climate (-13°c). My LSU Champagne figs are round with a pinkish eye. Winner agrees to pay shipping. This gallery has 1 photos. This gallery has 5 photos. All Rights Reserved. LSU champagne fig cuttings free « previous next » Print; Pages: 1 [2] Go Down. Champagne is a hybrid releases from the Louisiana State University agricultural program. 3024#3$ N, lat. I am out of town. Sweet fruits are excellent for fresh use or preserves. One of the cuttings is three feet tall and looks like there are brebas showing. I would get this for sure. They are self-fertile, and do best in partial to full sun. Re: LSU champagne fig cuttings free « Reply #15 on: September 21, 2019, 09:37:03 PM » 26 Thank you! But they look like. Hopefully I will have a couple more varieties to share during the next few weeks. I really like my Champagne also. You can buy now which reserves the cuttings you want but they will NOT be mailed out till the first week of January. Yes. Mine came from a reputable source many years ago. A sugar fig that is quite tasty. Champagne has a slightly rounded end that tapers towards the stem and a short neck. And it's done a significant amount of damage. Unfortunately, for me getting a good ripe LSU Gold fig has been particularly difficult. Full Member; Posts: 235; Karma: +1/-2; Welcome !! They are ripening now in NC7b pot grown. Skip to content. Tiger — A new LSU fig, is sometimes known as Giant Celeste. You can grow them in 5-gallon or 10-gallon pots and put many different varieties in a backyard.” The LSU AgCenter revived O’Rourke’s research in 1990 and began releasing new varieties. First one off the tree for a first year tree. Jul 27, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Ben B. The golden figs are a couple days shy of being ripe. Definitely no 1 on my wish list. Posted by Ben B. Seattle Garden & Fruit Adventures at 4:51 PM. Hilliard Lawler, DVM, Indianola, Mississippi Zone 8A. Cuttings were won on SFF and now I'm trying to give back Good Luck! The problem with LSU Gold is that it has a big open eye which lets in all manner of bugs, fungi, and bacteria in to destroy the fruit. The fruit ripens about the same time as Celeste. Fixed Price. Look at the older leaves and newer leaves. Total = 24.5. As I think I posted above, CajunB says that he has 3 different varieties that were sold or traded as "Golden Celeste". Richard, are those green/immature figs more round than long?,,,,, "Three new fig varieties from the LSU AgCenter". Yes, those look like the leaves on my Alma. lewmorski. The LSU fig varieties have been released to the public with no patent protection and may be propagated and sold by any nursery or individual. Champagne’s an excellent flavored fig good for both fresh eating and for preserving. Champagne is a hybrid releases from the Louisiana State University agricultural program. Champagne is a golden honey fig. Description Fruit: ‘Champagne’ produces good quality, 30-40mm diameter, moderate size (23 gms) yellow fruit. It is a cross between 'Celeste' and C1 which is a Capri fig from California. The fruit ripens about the same time as Celeste." It has small fruit with yellow to green skin and golden flesh. VDB violette de bordeaux tree Airlayer LOCAL PICK UP ONLY . "Champagne — A new LSU fig, is sometimes known as Golden Celeste. Shipping and handling. Trees are … Champagne figs are nearly round, of good size and often have a drop of honey at the eye. More research.... It is a cross between 'Celeste' and C1 which is a Capri fig from California. Seller: seattlefiggirl LOCAL PICKUP ONLY $ 50.00 each Buy It Now . I just banana grafted "LSU Champagne" cuttings Bill sent to me last winter, so if they take, will mark them dubious. Champagne is a hybrid releases from the Louisiana State University agricultural program. Please take a look at the figs in the picture linked above. Red to dark large fig with excellent flavor and high sugar content. Magnolia Malta (Sugar Fig) Small to medium fig with light brown to violet skin and strawberry pulp. The flavor of this fig is Honey, Its sweet and creamy with a hint of seed crunch. I will send pictures tomorrow. Another excellent introduction from Louisiana State University’s fig breeding program, the Champagne Fig Tree is the offspring of Celeste and a California caprifig and bears delicious and abundant crops of medium sized figs with yellow flesh and gold to caramel flesh. The reason for this is fig … LSU Tiger Fig is another great selection from the Louisiana State breeding program named in honor of the college’s mascot so you know they must have been proud of this one. Sweetness: 8. LSU Purple was released by the AgCenter in 1991 and LSU Gold in 1995. We tasted the champagne at the LSU field day a year and a half ago and we (I and Mrs K) both fell in love with it. I have talked and written Mr. Johns several times. You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. Yellow fruits have a gold to caramel-colored interior. But the offer was genuine. Cliff, I started my love of figs and growing figs from Vincent Johns from Morgantown. Champagne Fig Care. The Tiger, Champagne and O’Rourke (named after Ed) varieties were released in 2007. I believe a couple of those even came from the LSU orchard. Mountain Figs. Am glad to see this discussion. Here's a list of the figs that it has eaten: 1. it taste much better than kadota, peters honey, latturula, white merseilles. You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. LSU White Honey fig … It is a cross between 'Celeste' and C1 which is a Capri fig from California. Fig Tasting: Kathleen's Black, Wuhan & LSU Champagne + A Critter problem All of these figs are new to me this year. it is a medium size honey flavor fig. Thanks in advance. Looking at the other pics that I missed, I am about 90% sure that you have an Alma tree. WV., Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest news and updates. remaining $ 15.00 each Buy It Now . LSU Purple A Very rigorous grower. LSU Tiger Fig Tree. “Figs are fun to grow and collect. Champagne Fig Tree Unique color and very sweet. Please note: The product image shows actual cuttings from 2019, however it's just meant to demonstrate the average size of the cuttings and is not an exact represent. Suppose next time, I'll have to use his cuttings sooner. LSU Tiger, Ronde de Bordeaux, and the Mt Etnas are several of the most appealing and productive fig varieties for short seasons. Author Topic: LSU champagne fig cuttings free (Read 1716 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. ‘Champagne’ is a common-type fig and the fourth cultivar released from the LAES fig breeding program that was initiated in the 1950s to develop cultivars for the gulf south region (O’Rourke et al., 2004). Shipping Options for: LSU Champagne fig cuttings (3) USPS First-Class Mail: $4.00 Close. Skip to Main Content Leaves match description on prior post. There seems to be a lot of confusion around LSU Champagne and the Golden Celeste. Discover (and save!) Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. LSU Tiger is an excellent variety for cool wet climates. Might be some form of Golden Celeste. My Scott’s Yellow came. The Scott’s Black has also since been released. This page was generated at 04:47 PM. 916#2$ W) and at the Citrus Research Station at Port Sulfur, LA (long. Champagne is a medium sized yellow fig with gold to caramel flesh. Well, if the source goes back to James Robin, then you can be pretty sure they are correct for LSU figs. Pick a number between 1 and 250. I also received an LSU Champagne from Wisner -- which I'm waiting to taste with antici...pation. LSU Champagne Fig tree airlayer LOCAL PICK UP ONLY . PLEASE NOTE: The cutting sale from November 1 till January 1 is a PRE SALE. ‘Champagne’ is a selection from a group of seedlings derived from a cross of 'Celeste' x 'C1’ (a Capri fig from California). Champagne has a slightly rounded end that tapers towards the stem and a short neck. Taste: 8.5. Ficus carica L.'Champaign' will reach a height of 12 to 15 feet and a width of 8 to 10 feet at maturity. There are two more you can click on if you have not done so. 8942#7$ W). Originally known as Giant Celeste (not Mega Celeste). I think the official names for the LSU figs came long after the plants were shared with unofficial names. I would've had a handful of others to taste this year but there's a critter in my yard that has developed a taste for my figs. I had a big box of cuttings together stored under the same conditions in the fridge and the only things I lost were single cuttings of LSU Champagne, Thibodaux, Black, Tiger,and Victoria, Galicia Negra that all came together from Wills. It has small fruit with yellow to green skin and golden flesh. Champagne — A new LSU fig, is sometimes known as Golden Celeste. Man..., those dont look like LSU Champagne, Bill. I do still have in the box some LSU Champagne cuttings I traded with someone from Texas last Nov. that I wasn't going to graft with, but guess I'll get them out this weekend and graft them and if they take, see which is the real LSU Champagne! Trees are productive and very cold hardy. I know Brain has stated that he know of at least 3 different Golden Celeste, and I think I have seen a couple of different looking figs sold as Champagne. An OFFICIAL LSU release. Cliff, I failed to reduce the picture size. They fill plates and people reach for them. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. The medium-size fruit has a yellow skin, a tan to caramel-colored pulp and a partially closed eye. Champagne Eye-catching for a dark fig, relatively bright and slightly striped, sizable, productive, sugar-berry flavor. LSU fig breeding program has been very productive over the years, since 1950's. Leaves being single lobed or the classic Alma "duck foot" shaped. Champaign Fig was developed by the fig breeding program at the LSU Agricultural Center in 1977. QTY. Got to have this fig and try it out here in Kent. Does anyone know if it produces a brebas crop or is it a main crop only fig? The medium-size fruit has a yellow skin, a tan to caramel-colored pulp and a partially closed eye. Yellow not red/brown, tan interior and not round. My comment was a little tongue and cheek. The LSU Gold Fig Tree is considered to be cold hardy, and can tolerate temperatures down to 15 to 20 degrees F. Mademoiselle de deux Saisons An excellent, yellow-redish , juicy fig. Ripens about 5 … I love all the different names for figs, makes a great guessing game! Developed from the LSU Agriculture Center fig program. LSU Champagne was developed as part of Louisiana State University’s fig breeding program that dates back to the 1950s.

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