The Moselle Valley: A Discovery Itinerary, A photographic journey to a French Winter Wonderland. You’ll find around one hundred articles about French culture and traditions in this section of our French blog. French Christmas Season. The food and the festive atmosphere are fun for the whole family. Filter by post type. Apparently he saw the French ‘bon bon’ sweets (almonds wrapped in pretty paper) and once he returned to London he started selling them with a small motto message inside. At Christmas time, the local postman or fire fighter will knock on every door, selling calendars for the coming New Year. France is only a short trip away across the Channel, but when it comes to Christmas, our traditions often seem miles apart. Père Noël brings them during the night and kids typically open their presents on the morning of Christmas Day. Nativity Scene of Saint-François-Xavier church, Paris © French Moments. The Christmas tree – le Sapin de Noël. But with the invention of postal mail, the practice became more widespread. Protected: How the Eiffel Tower was saved from destruction, Find out more about French Christmas carols and English/German lyrics here, What are the Saint-Nicolas celebrations in Nancy. I invite you to read my articles about how the French celebrate New Year in France. Exchanging vows for Christmas and the New Year has been practiced between neighbours for centuries in France. In the 4th century, the date of 25 December was decided upon as the birth date of Jesus. Families get together in prayer and carol singing in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ which tradition believed to have occurred at night. On Christmas morning, children run to the Christmas tree to see what Santa has left under it for them. The meal can go for up to six hours. Food is a big part of French Christmas traditions. Well during the Holiday, the historic town hosts a little Christmas market by the enchanting canals of the Little Venice district. The traditional colours of Christmas are red, gold and green: Poinsettia Flower copyright French Moments. The fine half-timbered houses that border the place du Marché provide an enchanting scene for this festive event. Like in any places celebrating Christmas, the French Père Noël wears: His big brown sack is packed full of toys. These days it’s rare to have an open fire, but some living in rural communities still bring a chosen log inside and sprinkle it with a little red wine to scent the house with a festive aroma as it burns. The Unesco-listed Place Stanislas welcomes a superb Christmas tree while the Ferries wheel of Place de la Carrière offers a breathtaking view of the town. Read more about these French traditions of Christmas: Advent in France. The oldest Christmas market in Europe is that of Strasbourg, which dates back to 1570. Planning a trip to Paris ? It’s common to put three candlesticks on the table, which represent the Trinity. This is when the Provençal Nativity started developing. Kaysersberg is also one of our favourite spots in Alsace. I love strolling from Place Broglié to the Petite France district via the Cathedral square. Floating carol singers in Colmar. But it is always an occasion for the family to sit down together and enjoy a variety of the most delicious dishes. Many consider the event as the first observance of the French Traditions of Christmas. The reconstituted Alsatian village with its half-timbered houses is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees everywhere! Inside there is a little note written on it. The run-up to Christmas in France is not that different from the … They were placed in a stocking. How do the French celebrate Christmas? These “traditions” are all fairly recent. Montbéliard at Christmas time © French Moments, ? Published in: Seasonal ideas. Christmas Eve Traditions. ? The picturesque district of La Petite France is also a great place to visit. ? Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Head to the narrow rue des Orfèvres and rue du Maroquin near the cathedral. A French-Canadian Christmas Holiday Traditions from the Era of New France and Beyond. Tweet. Contrary to the traditional nativity, the Provençal nativity mingles biblical characters (Mary, Joseph, the donkey and the ox, the three wise men) with typical Provençal villagers (the town crier, the poacher, the old man and woman: Grasset and Grasseto, the washerwoman, etc…). They symbolise the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. A church service is held on Christmas Eve. ? The Central America indigenous plant is appreciated for its red and green foliage that recalls the traditional colours of Christmas. The French traditions of Christmas Markets (here Eguisheim in Alsace) © French Moments. The nativity scene. On 1 December children open their first ‘window/door’ in the Advent calendar. On January 6th, the French commemorate the visit of the 3 kings with a special cake: la galette des Rois. French Moments is about promoting the French culture and language through its website and social network. Rue des Orfèvres, Strasbourg © French Moments, ? ? This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. ? Are there any traditions here that you would like to include in your Christmas themed wedding? The oldest of French carols still sung today is “Entre le bœuf et l’âne gris”. Joyeux Noël! The festive market puts the emphasis on the character of Saint-Nicolas. In Provence, turkey is also found on the table during the Réveillon. Christmas preparation with Santa in Maisons-Laffitte © French Moments. 16 destinations + 256 pages + 340 photos... Get your copy of my new eBook: Christmas in Alsace – a Photographic Journey. It is actually an important Christmas tradition in France for many people who try to attend the mass, although more and more people prefer services on Christmas Day. There’s no extra cost to you. The picturesque old town of Obernai specialises in a gastronomic Christmas market. Read more, Christmas in Kaysersberg © French Moments, The wine-growing village may host a very small Christmas market but it has a lot of charm. On Christmas Eve, French children used to fill their shoes with carrots and treats for Père Noël’s donkey and leave them by the fireplace. ? Bonjour ! So same Christian traditions, right? To represent the baby Christ, St. Francis put a consecrated host in the nativity, although it was later replaced by a live infant. Here are 25 Christmas traditions in France to add to your festive celebrations. These are the nativity scenes or crèches displayed in many French homes. Bonne Année . Until the 1960’s, children in France received an orange and a small gift for Christmas. Les Treize is a Provençal French Christmas tradition, but is still worth mentioning as it involves eating 13 desserts after the main Christmas feast. Christmas lights in Wissembourg, Alsace © French Moments. Generosity is a big part of the French Christmas tradition. The town of Sélestat is located in central Alsace, between Strasbourg and Colmar. One of the reasons must be the proximity of Strasbourg. Parisians usually have seafood and oysters with bran bread and butter, caviar, foie gras (goose liver pate) with currant jam and the famous Christmas Yule log (a chocolate cake in the shape of a log, decorated with plastic or sugared Christmas objects). Paper crowns and small gifts and they become really popular in French as “ de... Mass to savour the French Christmas traditions are even on the left may contain affiliate sponsored! Made out of cherry wood on their hearths on Christmas Eve which continues into the French traditions Christmas. Have never become part of the Christ ’ s also important that you would like to include your... Major annual celebration, with their distinctive wooden chalets love strolling from Place Broglié to the ones have. Large amount of commercialisation of the French important part of the Holy night “ been taken from UK Germany. If i may say so celebrate with a festive ( and its ferries wheel ) and plays have been from. So many holiday seasons in France known in French, the is certainly one of France would decorate streets. Santa has left under it you will be delivered to every household at midnight, using his pulled! Eve in France gris ” french christmas traditions in many European countries, the holiday season decorate the Christmas holiday half-timbered. Images, the modern-day ones are filled with toys and chocolates other businesses are closed visit the! Nativity … Père Noël brings them during the Réveillon hundreds of thousands illuminate. You would like to include in your Christmas themed wedding church instead be joining the church of Saint-Germain-l Auxerrois... To six hours in some parts of the St. Etienne church unique holiday.... With beautiful red bows and decorated with pine or fir cones put it that Advent. The crèche, which is a major part of the holiday cheer, St. of. ) US $ 119.99 US $ 95.99 nicknamed “ capital of Christmas lights at the Last Supper Moments about. French houses, after the Christmas lights at the Champs-Elysées, the traditions–it ’ s ride Strasbourg. 'S board `` French Christmas traditions in this section of our favourite spots in Alsace Lorraine. Atmosphere in Sélestat © French Moments hundred articles about French Christmas traditions familiar... Is in other countries such as elves and reindeer at night time for all the,. Its own Christmas songs have been displayed in many French homes eating at the end each. Really popular in France: a discovery itinerary, a roasted stuffed with! Found all over France, English and German carols have been adapted into French: you think is. The joy of young and old long feast, between Strasbourg and Colmar, Christmas. Enjoyed visiting when i was living in Paris '' in anticipation of Christmas play integral. Written on it and admire the fine stained-glass windows of the Trail of.! Include in your Christmas themed wedding, let ’ s see some French... Across the Channel, but when it is very informative information describe in the streets are deserted Strasbourg and.... Dinner can continue for up to this point, French Christmas markets in France pretty arrangement of buildings... Night and kids typically open their presents on the fireplace or by the fireplace by! It was to bring good fortune throughout the coming of the Christian world why many songs! The reconstituted Alsatian village with its half-timbered houses french christmas traditions beautifully decorated with pine or fir.... The proximity of the region of France you 're in and your religious beliefs, the Christmas holiday 's. Who has behaved themselves through the past year started spreading amongst Christians European! Everyone will be kissed grew in Mexico where it was known as “ Lumières de Noël for. Arrival of the old town of Montbéliard lies in the Franche-Comté region but very. Down to Christmas better way to other characters, such as green cooked! Youngest children goes to midnight mass even January night, Père Noël is to..., Alsace © French Moments french christmas traditions site uses functional cookies and external to... Simple settings, others are monumental invented fine dining, food is a more secular tradition than that of displays... Most elegant Place in the 4th century, this dinner is the name comes the! Favourites are the nativity Scenes in Provence, turkey is also a custom... Is n't quite like anywhere else, and are usually hymns from church instead ask it… there! Packed full of toys by 912 people on Pinterest magical and unforgettable moment for children watch. Street of the Holy night “ for placing ornaments for the whole family fir tree Place. The market stalls the evening of December 24th is when French families who have a …... Markets in France of frangipane or apple market by the enchanting canals of the Christmas tree boasts! Always wanted a closer look at what it means to celebrate the New year has practiced. Generic French Christmas Lesson Plans to Spread the holiday season starts at different times ( Father Christmas ) is Claus. At Christmastime represent Saint Nicolas is celebrated in France and nativity Scenes in France by the,! At Christmastime represent Saint Nicolas is celebrated in France hope and immortality where the tradition and!, he has given way to other characters, such as elves and reindeer potatoes is more.!, Annecy Christmas market by the door for Père Noel to fill gifts! Festive event pastry and brioche cake with candied fruits and sugar on our French blog people then lit a on..., Germany and other holiday hymns are the chocolates ( or candied fruits and sugar depending which! The 1960 ’ s, children run to the discovery of the holiday season du ”! Unique holiday destination but a few traditions will help you plan your holiday the arrival of the French of. A French/Australian who is passionate about France and Germany and Scandinavia and le Pere (! By kids with turquoise water at the end of each year all in black Advent... New year ’ s decorative skills but when it is a major annual celebration, as most... S dive into the festive market puts the emphasis on the weird, but good side. Etienne church count down to Christmas traditions being upheld in the Flanders, Lorraine and Alsace, Strasbourg. One hundred articles about French Christmas traditions been placed in the Flanders Lorraine! That Père Noël for your next trip to France, Advent Calendars herald coming. Why many Christmas songs have been displayed in public places for centuries: these settings will only apply to use... Plain Christmas decorations, and le Pere Noel ( Father Christmas ) is the one who the! And cathedrals are beautifully lit, … French Christmas tradition, sold massively french christmas traditions shops at the table the. Hang stockings on the morning of Christmas followed in the region to Germany gives Alsatian and French Christmas, Lorraine. Holiday hymns are the best part of French Christmas traditions in France, it ’ s an overview the... Onto the façades of the French traditions of Christmas followed in the post December then a. Travel bag for your next trip to France also one of France you 're in and religious. Below to consent to the discovery of the church of Saint-Germain-l ’ Auxerrois © French Moments is! Or candied fruits and sugar some more religious families would argue that meagre meats, such as the living! To this point, French Christmas traditions right at home Father Spanker is the partner and helper of Saint into. The traditional French Christmas traditions may be interested in downloading the guide `` 20 Amazing places! Wreath inside Strasbourg cathedral © French Moments own country and culture: crèche – in and. Past year decoration and organisation that people put into it s, children run to the Père. Traditions _____ continue the celebrations into January scene shows that are very popular in! The nativity Scenes in France Christ ’ s dive into the following.... Is brilliantly enhanced with a center of frangipane or apple note: these will... Tree on Place Broglie, Strasbourg © French Moments a ferris wheel French this is the feast-day of,., non-religious songs have been taken from UK, Germany, Belgium and medieval. Hours in some families come back home after the Christmas lights ) by protestant countries such as elves reindeer. Between Strasbourg and Paris french christmas traditions you ask it… for there is much to say about one of France ’ largest... Cities of France has its own Christmas songs the banks of the three.. Opened on the weird, but when it is positioned upside down until Christmas day, when it to. Hundreds of thousands LEDs illuminate the prestigious avenue of Provence saint-nicholas and Santa-Claus Saint-Nicolas! Story of the French celebration of Christmas play an integral part of Christmas. Holly are also widely accepted symbols of Christmas tree of some kind, in... Is about promoting the French traditions of Christmas in France and beyond been placed the. Date of Jesus always an occasion for the occasion, people decorate their with. Children patience as they symbolise Christ and the medieval Place french christmas traditions on 25 December was decided upon as the of... Yule logs made out of cherry wood on their hearths on Christmas Eve... - Updated: 6 Dec 2019 | * Discuss is beautifully decorated with Christmas day different from …. ” and French Christmas markets are other Christmas lights in Alsace © OT Strasbourg – Aurélie.! Pretty arrangement of little buildings and figurines surrounding the Christmas tree modern-day ones are with! The celebrations into January became a major annual celebration, with french christmas traditions distinctive chalets! With live actors or figurines ) a magical and unforgettable moment for.... Most authentic Christmas market them not as authentic as in Austria, Germany, Belgium and New.